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The youngest of all the musical treats, is a 16-year old Igor Božanić known as, actually, unknown as Sir Croissant – indie folk musician from Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and music has been part of his life ever since he was born. He studied piano in a school of music, but he’s a self taught guitarist. His music is influenced by other genres like neo soul, R&B, jazz, dontempo and art pop. He’s sensitive as Stray Dogg, fragile as Rhye, and you can sense Lisa Hannigan influence too.

Sia fans, whose album he was named after, will enjoy his music. He released six original songs under an EP Let Me Sleep a year ago which provided him a first concert in his hometown and on Indirekt festival is supposed to be his second show ever. Simplicity, gentle guitar, ambiental unmutated voice and bare naked heart will leave you speechlees! How humble and thoughtful Sir Croissant is you can see on his bandcamp page where you can buy his album for very low price and donate money to the local dog shelter.

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Jakob Kobal – started his music career as a 12 year old bassist in a punk band. After his teenager band split up, he started playing acoustic guitar attempting to convey his thoughts and his perspective on the world through his lyrics and music. Music he enjoyed listening, inspired him to write emotional indie folk songs with wide range of influences from Kings of Convinience and Syd Barret, Ben Howard and Fleet Foxes to Jake Bugg and Jeff Buckley. His first single Cloudless Sky brought him remarkable media attention and a participation on Eurosonic Noordeslaag festival in Groningen and Ment Ljubljana festival.

His latest song, Burning Sun, which is the closing song of his upcoming album, is obscure and mystic, a bit different than the rest of the songs. We can’t wait to hear him live. His show promises to be an intimate and enchanting happening.

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Sofie From Seattle is a dark pop project made of musicians from Serbian americana scene. They are friends who store songs made at gatherings between daily obligatins, rehearsals, jobs, finals, film developments, upon missed buses, getting pink slips and at rowing and swimming adventures.

Sofie evolved slowly, first as a bedroom project of Milica and Đurđa from electro dream pop band Lula Mae. The band became more serious when Ivana(On Tour) joined  them on a vacaton on island Korčula and soon after Aleksandra (Thank You Baudelaire) joined them they released their first EP „27 birthday songs“. Sofie is now a four piece all female band, (Đurđa Stanković, Milica Mitić, Aleksandra Tomović i Ivana Smolović)

In correspondence with their dreamy, acoustic, focused on vocals music, they don’t perform so often. When they do they make sure it’s an intimate atmosphere, trying to preserve the moment from which everything  arise from. That’s once in a lifetime opportunity to hear them live in an intimate atmosphere on Indirekt festival.

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Cari Cari are Stephanie and Alexander,  energetic indie/blues rock duo based in Vienna (Austria). They started as a side project, but gained succes like showing up in a Shameless soundtrack, three times! You can hear synthesizer, seductive guitar joined with southern drum beats, australian didgeridu and jaw harp in their music, they are singing on turns and getting along together in harmony. The Kills fans will be delighted.

They are promoting their first EP Amerippindunkler in Umag along with some new songs they’re releasing with Ink Music. East London’s boldness, Melbourne’s DIY-attitude and the fascinating weirdness of Tokyo are all distilled into their latest single Nothing’s Older Than Yesterday.  Three year period of searching for the exciting, the unseen and unheard music is interweaved in this song.

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Mile Me Deaf is a trippy pop collective from Vienna. It’s kind of a solo project because most of the songs are written and recorded by one of the most creative musicians from the Austrian music scene, multiinstrumentalst and a producer, Wolfgang MöstL (Sex Jams, Killed By 9v Batteries, Melt Downer) in his living room. Wolfgang played the guitar until he broke his finger. His urge to play forced him to find another way of making music. He layed his hands on a sampler and fell in love with the possibillities the instrument offered. Thanks to that misfortune we have a chance to enjoy his latest album Alien Age which seems influenced by numerous bands like Tame Impala, Foxygen, Flaming Lips and some older bands because of the numerous samples and Kevin Parkerish vocal.
In live performance they are accompannied by  four piece band and illuminated by a psychoactive VJ. If you never got the chance to see MGMT live, I’m sure this experimental noise pop band will sattisfy your needs.


NT Wave & Fen are an unusual live guitar techno duo from Croatia. Valent Samardžija uses his guitar in an unconventional way, with pedals and devices set in his shoes, to produce unique waves of sound. The colaboration with vocal solist Fen started when she imporvised and sang on his concert in Novalja. She uses interesting instruments like shoika hang drum.

NT Wave, along with the vocal solist Fen, makes music that overflows from open wide stereo ambientals to the narrow defined dance grooves with mantric elements. Their  concert has a tendency to turn into a techno party. Given that the listeners come with previous experiences of listening to stylistic different, albeit by nature of the instrument familiar and usual guitar sound, one of the most common comments after listening is “one image, another tone”, because what the audience hears and experiences is hard to connect to an expected sound of one of the most popular instruments.

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For the last five years, three piece industrial/synthpop band Torul has been touring mostly in clubs and festivals around Europe. They were formed by a famous musician, producer and a DJ Torulsson two decades ago.

Accompannied by the keyboardist Borut and a new charming vocalist Maj, who blended in right away with his above average vocal capacities, are coming to Umag to promote their new album with a symbolic name Reset. This is the end of an era for them and a fresh start. We recommend Torul to Depeche Mode/White Lies fans and to those who enjoy melancholic darkwave  and danceable electro pop.

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GroznyCorp. is a three member electro garage pop band based in  Bosnia and Herzegovina gathered as a reorganization of the former band Grozny. Faruk (guitar, synth), Lendo (guitar) and Faya (vocal, guitar, synth) start to actively perform in 2016 when they released their first album under the Belgrade label Lampshade Records.  Their melodic songs soaked in melancholy are interweaved with dichotomy which evokes dualistic feelings and interpretations of melodies and lyrics. Listen to their song Oddbal and we dare you to say that GroznyCorp. will not make you dance. A little birdie told us their live shows are something spectacular!


His Clancyness is a Canadian-Italian experimental pop-rock band from Bologna (Italy). Internet blogs started to notice the band while it was a lo-fi bedroom project. Jonathan Clancy’s solo project did not stay lonely for long.  It has since found a new form. The group evolved into a minimal noise pop machine that features Jonathan Clancy on guitar and vocals, Jacopo Borazzo on drums, Giulia Mazza on organ and synthesizers and Nico Pasquini on bass and sampler.

Their songs are rich in genres, from dreamy melodies and shoegaze to psychedelic structures, art rock and post punk. They’re coming to Umag to promote their latest album Isolation Culture. In case you didn’t get a chance to see them live in klub Klub.(Zagreb) or MENT festival, Indirekt is a perfect chance to do so.

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Ti is a psychedelic electro pop duo from Belgrade, Serbia, formed in 2012. The band consists of two Macedonians, Ilija and Trajče, who met in Belgrade.Ti was formed after Ilija and Trajce played together at an impromptu jam session in BIGZ, a 1930’s Bauhaus building where the vibrant Belgrade music scene thrives.

Ever since from their humble start  and rehearsals in the apartment, duo reached the hearts of balkan scene with albums Vidimo se and Život u Dvoje. Ti’s music is full of dreamy and memorable melodies, warm synth bass lines, simple but moving poetry and hypnotic rhythms which together create a pleasantly pulsating sound collage, reminiscent of a lazy, rainy afternoon spent on the dry side of the window, or waking up late on a sunny day without much to do.

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Giungla (ITA) is Emanuela Drei, Italian singer-songwriter based in Bologna, that media descrbed as a love child between PJ Harvey and Grimes, veiled in Crystal Castles’ dark elegance. She tends to let her music do the talking, but her name reveals a glimpse of her world. Giungla, which in Italian means „jungle“ often seen as a metaphore for the modern world chaos and a natural instinct, but at the same time for a rich environment with many and varied forms of life, had her first show as an opening act for Unknown Mortal Orchestra. There’s no room for reason or control in her songs. Nevertheless the incredible energy, her music doesn’t loose a pop vibe.

Armed with just a drum machine, an electric guitar and her incredible voice, Giungla is developing a reputation for her brethtaking and visceral live shows. She released her debut EP „Camo“ with label Factory Flaws in 2016. and recently joined London label Some Kinda Love/Bad life. With new songs on the way, Giungla is more than ready for her First show in Croatia.

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Das Univerzitas (CRO) is a unique avantgarde synthpop project, who say about themselves that they play modern music. Their style is conteptualized in a way you get the impression that you’re listening to an American colegge radio station with the DJ King Pigeon who has a teatrical voice.

It’s simple, you either love them or you never heard of them. They drew the attention this year with their amazing live performance in The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb as part of the MIMO project just like with their show on Tabor Film Festival. The band has a clear vision about their sound and an impressive retro live performance. We believe it will be a spectacular show on Indirekt festival just like when we had a blast on ROLO, the year before.

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MOLLY (AU) are a shoegaze dreampop duo, Lars Andersson and Phillip Dornauer, from Innsbruck in Austria. They were formed on a cold foggy November afternoon in 2014 during a musical era where the neo psychedelic movement reached it’s peak and the shoegaze rised again from its 20 year hibernation. With a shared love of the early Creation bands such as My Bloody Valentine they knew the sound they wanted from the moment they decided to form a band together – shoegaze.

As they are washing over you with their dreamy alpine airiness the duo not only manages to hit the nerve of the time but also sees itself to create something utterly new and unique, in a way, you’d probably not even expect it from an outfit 3 times their size and age. Jut like Douglas Adams got to an idea for The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy lying in field of Innsbruck starring at the stars, Molly found an inspiration for thie singl Sun Sun Sun starring at the Sun.

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Human Tetris (RUS) are a well known four piece band in the European post punk scene, formed in Moskow almost 10 years ago. After their first European tour and album Happy Way in the Maze of Rebirth, the band split up.

Relaunched in 2016 they came back to life with new members. Tonia(synth) and Ramil(drums) joined the old members Maxim(bass) and frontman Arvid(guitar, vocal). They are coming to Croatia twice to promote their latest release „River pt“ as part of their tour in Europe and are stoked to play a gig by the sea. Melodic post punk will love the fans of new wave and bands like Manicure, Joy Division or Motorama.

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DJ Dom Smith(ZG) is the sweetest ginger you ever met. He made his first DJ moves on Indirekt and Dernek festivals, and moved on to clubs in Zagreb soon after. The legend says he made his first steps as a DJ when he chased some DJs away on a festival at 4 am and took over their role till the lunch time playing songs to everyone’s delight . He will take us on a cruise from snowy Vladivostok, near by Belgrade and gloomy Manchester to shiny California. It will be the best indie night ever. He plays the music proportionall to the booze in his veins so don’t leave him thirsty. Drink, eat, Dom Smith!


L’indiescothèque (SLO) is a DJ collective from Slovenian internet radio – Radio Terminal. Their aim is to play music on festivals and venues all over the region. Refreshing music news in a form of an indie/alternative/nu disco/indietronic smoothie, representative Vlad will mix for you in Umag.

Radio Terminal, five years old just like our festival, is an Internet radio with urban music, a platform to enable young people to participate in creating a program. Last year they extended their crew of journalists, photographers, DJ-s and other associates. They are the official radio of Center of Urban Culture Kino Šiška and offer wide range of radio shows but their most recognized one is called Selector, originally aired on British Council.


NAVIGATORZ (SR) is a DJ team from Belgrade, Serbia (Nebojša of popular electro band INTRUDER and Bole of independent label AMMONITE records) producing beats, grooves and an awesome soundsystem as well. Through the years NAVIGATORZ team DJs have been DJing throughout the region both at clubs and festivals and prestigious fashion shows. While playing at the best clubs in Belgrade, the duo has been working on their own tracks as well as many remixes of tunes by other performers. Dejan Bošković (Bole) is the Navigatorz representative that will shake your hips in Umag. Fun fact is that Autumn Indirekt exists thanks to the colaboration with Bole.



Tea Jurišić (CRO), aka KVAR illustration, is an academic graphic artist and a member of Croatian Association Of Visual Artists. After attending the School of Fine Arts in Split, she graduated her applied graphics studies on the Academy Of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She’s an illustrator, painter, photografer, designer, in love with comics, ink and watercolor. Her astonishing work is a must see! It has been published in Booooooom.com, Komikaze, Fressh magazine. Expect to see some surreal dreams and space related art, interweaved with dark humor and vivid imagination on Umag’s walls this year. She plans to turn her imagination in reality in Umag and paint a mural in Dante’s street.

Marija Šević (SR) is a visual artist based in Belgrade. As a student at the Department of Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, she received a scholarship from the French government and attended Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Marija is a co-founder of U10 Art Space in Belgrade, who are, just like Indirekt, a platform for talented artists from the region. In her work, Marija observes how individuals relate to one another and therefore to society as a whole. Portraits with hidden faces generate different psychological situations, which each person can intimately experience and be part of. She even contributed to the music scene as a director of the Stray Dogg’s music video for the single ‘Come Along Wind’. We are so excited about her upcoming mural in Umag!

Ivona Jurić (CRO) is the last one of three magnificent visual artists that will contribute in making Dante’s Street in Umag an open gallery. She obtained a degree in Painting on The Academy Of Fine Art in Zagreb and won the Academy prize for her an outstanding achievement for her work and presentation of her Thesis theme in 2010. She had a residential studies in Czech Republic, France, Litva and China. She exhibited numerous solo and group exhibitions and won prizes like the The Young Artist Award from The Croatian Association of Artists in 2013 and became their member. And she won The Grand Prix of The 7th Watercolor Triannial in 2016. Ivona is a member of The Croatian Association of Artists. Lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia. At the moment you can see her group exhibition in Poreč with Petra Grozaj and Stipan Tadić which will be open till June 10. Her art speaks best for itself which gained her regional recognition.

Lana Flanjak (CRO), young artist from Istria, is the latest addition to our artist rooster. She will introduce us to Indirekt festival. On the first day of June in MMC Gallery in Umag, her exhibition of a photo collection named „Work In Progress“ will obtain the retrospective of all the arts in Indirekt festival history and her personal exhibition of photographs that present her own vision about those arts. Lana is a versatile student of Environmental Sciences, but in her spare time she’s into short movies, nonverbal acting, art photography and playing the electric guitar. She won an award for the besto school play movie with „Kabanice“ as the best Croatian school play. Lana had couple of solo and group exhibitions. She won twice the award for the best photography as a young author in Photoclub Rijeka. Her exhibition in Umag will be accompanied by a Belgrade dark pop project Sofe From Seattle and a guitar techno duo from Zagreb NT Wave & Fen.

Mima Juračak (CRO) is a Croatian artist, writer and a poet from Sisak. After the graduation on Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, she started running a blog „Idu dani“(Days passing by). She has published her work in „Lapis Histriae“, „Vranac“, and magazines such as „Zarez“, „Vranac“, „Nepokoreni grad“, „Riječi“, portal „24sata“, „Ulaznica“. Mima won third prize on KGZ Metaphore and won the short story contest Infozona in Split. Besides writing on paper, she sometimes cuts it and makes collages, but sometimes she just draws something. She’s coming on Indirekt Festival to present her poetry and prose.

Asja Bakić (BIH) is a Bosnian poet, writer, columnist and translator, selected as one of New Voices from Europe 2017. She has published a book of poetry ‘It Can Be a Cactus, as Long as it Pricks’, which was nominated for the Kiklop Award for best debut. Her collection of short stories, entitled ‘Mars’, was shortlisted for the Edo Budiša Award for young writers. She runs a blog ‘In the Realm of Melancholy’ and is a co-editor of the feminist webzine Muff. Asja participates in the European poetry platform Versopolis. Her poems and stories have been translated into English, Polish, Czech, Macedonian, Slovenian, Romanian and Swedish. Asja runs a blog ‘In the Realm of Melancholy’ and is a co-editor of the feminist webzine ‘Muff’. She currently lives and works in Zagreb.


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BUONI AMICI // 22:00


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YOYO KIDS BAR // 15:00



Fifth year in a row, Croatia’s best little festival – Indirekt – is digging deep into your emotions whilst revealing some of the ‘best kept’ musical secrets in Europe. The team behind Indirekt Music&Art Festival started their search in 2013. and since has brought over 50 acts – both music and arts – in Umag, a little town on the western coast of Istria. The goal is to connect with the region as well as to create a network for all you indie souls out there.

This is not all – more music and arts acts are soon to be announced. Indirekt festival is going to be held from 1st – 4th June 2017, at Kamp Veli Jože in Savudrija, Umag. Picture this: a pine wood forest, close to the see, with a light breeze brushing your cheek…need we say more?


Borosia – Savudrija
Istria – Croatia




10-12 persons bungalow

night + breakfast + festival ticket

105 kn

+ residence tax / day


night + half board + festival ticket

140 kn

+ residence tax / day

5-6 persons bungalow

night + breakfast + festival ticket

125 kn

+ residence tax / day


night + half board + festival ticket

160 kn

+ residence tax / day

  • bus: Zagreb – Umag – Zagreb
  • accommodation for 2 nights
  • festival ticket
  • visit to art locations
  • guided visit to the oldest lighthouse of the Adriatic sea
  • welcome drink and dj in the bus

330 kn

bed and breakfast

400 kn

half board

+ residence tax / day



50 kn discount on arrangement prices



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Austrian Music Export is a joint initiative of the Austrian Music Information Center mica – music austria and the Austrian Music Fund in close cooperation with the organizers of the Austrian booths at international music trade fairs. Austrian Music Export is supported by AKM/GFÖM, FAMA/WKO, go international – an initiative of WKO and BMWFW, the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, by IFPI/LSG and AUME/SKE Fund.

Austrian Music Export’s aim is to be a service and resource center for exporters of contemporary Austrian music in all genres and aspects (recordings, live, synch, etc.). This includes providing access to information on Austrian artists and companies, building a substantial network of industry professionals and media, providing travel support and representing Austrian music at international trade shows, conferences and festivals. Austrian Music Export promotes international showcases of local artists and develops measures to strengthen international exploitation of Austrian repertoire by acting as a catalyst for export-oriented Austrian labels, agencies and artists.